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Arslan Khasavov


A novel

Translated by Arch Tait

paper ISBN 9785717200936
ebook ISBN 9785717201018
250 pp.

The author shows to what limits an indifferent and hypocritical society can push a romantically-minded and well-meaning young person.

“I think Sense will be of interest to the English-speaking reader for its intimate vision of the world of a confused adolescent in a threatening and dangerous world. This young and courageous author has a sense of irony and humor and manages to distance himself from his hero’s social preoccupations and hyperbole. The book’s appeal is in its youthful immediacy.” – Arch Tait, the translator.

“One is infected with the author’s energy and his passionate aspiration to get some sense into his life, to act, to live for the sake of something…” – Literary Russia

“This Chechen boy created a portrait of dissident youth in the best traditions of Tolstoy and Turgenev.” – Eduard Limonov, author.

Arslan Khasavov, b. 1988. Winner of the Debut Prize in 2009. Arslan works for the BBC Russian Service as a columnist on Northern Caucasus.

Author’s residence: the city of Grozny in Chechnya, Russian Federation.