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History in reverse: revolutions of 1917-20 and 1980s

ISBN 5-7172-0020-X
264 pages, illustrated

"The heroes' smug selfrighteousness is more and more tightly circumscribed until it collapses in a gruesome ending worthy of Nabokov... Glas is worth whatever it costs for this novel alone." — Irish Times
"You know, Olga..." I touched her fingers, "after our socialist revolution I have come to the conclusion that the Russian people do not entirely lack a sense of humour after all..." Anatoly Mariengof's long lost masterpiece Cynics

Published in 1991, the first Glas collection reflects the post-Soviet wave of new writing, as well as some rediscovered classics, offering a wide-ranging variety of literary trends. Since then most of the authors from this collection have been published around the world.

Anatoly MARIENGOF Cynics Leonid LATYNIN Sleeper at Harvest Time, Evgeni POPOV Pork Kebabs, Zufar GAREYEV When Other Birds Call, Vyacheslav RYBAKOV Hassle
Victor YEROFEEV Soviet Literature: in Memoriam